sandwich / BUCHAREST (Romania)
14.11.2018 ā€“ 20.01.2019

∞000222444666888999777555333111∞ is a collective gathering organized by L which marks the second incarnation of A.S.T.R.A.L.O.R.A.C.L.E.S - an open source community dedicated to the full frequency alignment of astral and terrestrial body. Founded in 2016 by Naomi Larbi, Grace Mcgrade and L, the group has historically worked with individuals through psychic readings, rituals, spell-work, and healing. The first incarnation commenced at CAPITAL in San Francisco in September of this year.
L, having been invited by Sandwich Gallery to present an exhibition, chose to collaborate with others to create a full sensory frequency aligning experience for the visitors of the space ā€“ an architecture that will later be extrapolated into a living A.S.T.R.A.L.O.R.A.C.L.E.S headquarters. All are welcome to commune and travel through the dimensions of Lā€™s cosmos - 888D, 666D, 444D, 222D, 000D, 111D, 333D, 555D, 777D, 999D. The experience maps a journey through the pre-frequency state of the non-manifested and the unnamed, through the 7 dimensions of the universe, into the astral plane, and finally into the eternal realm.
Additionally, L further collaborated with various esotericists, artisans, technicians, and craftspeople to help produce forms, waves, and fields that activate the senses as listed above. L gave them frequencies, dimensions, and archetypes as parameters for their creations, which they expanded upon with their gifts and visions. These collaborators include: Christopher Gordon, Michael Thibault, Paige Emery, Cleo Kinnaman, Rachel Blomgren, Lia Munteanu, Islinn McNamara, Tara Benmeleh, Grace Mcgrade and Naomi Larbi.

Courtesy of the artist and sandwich