Dancing makes you as happy as a 2073,25 euro pay rises
The House of the Lords of Kunštát, G99 Gallery / BRNO (Czech Republic)
27.11.2019 – 22.02.2020

Hominization began approximately fourteen million years ago; Apollo 11's crew needed four days to travel to the Moon, and it takes eight minutes till the light from the Sun reaches the Earth. One eye blink equals ten thousand transactions on electronic financial markets, and fiber-optic data transmission over a 2,500-km-long route takes twelve milliseconds, which is one-third of the speed of light. How long does it take you to get rid of the dizziness from the speed at which you live?
Curated by Jen Kratochvil

Courtesy of the artist and G99 Gallery
Photocredit Polina Davydenko